DJC Consulting

SAP Warehousing and Logistics Consultancy


My name is Taco van de Zandt. I live in Rheden, a village near Arnhem in the east of the Netherlands.

I have been working as an SAP consultant since 2001. Certified in Materials Management I extended my knowledge of SAP Warehouse Management,  Supply Chain in Inbound, Uutbound and internal processes. 

As a Solution Architect (main focus on WM) I have worked on serval major Global SAP implementations and roll-outs.

As a Lead Consultant I have worked on multiple full cycle implementations and global roll outs in Europe, Asia, South-America and the USA. 

As Team Lead I have managed teams of up to 15 people. 

As a Project Manager I have successfully managed several complex projects including new technology implementations like RFID and complex multisite stock counts. 

I have functional and configuration experience with SAP Extended Warehouse Management and completed the SAP EWM courses.

I have a certificate SAP Extended Warehouse Management 9.5 and have in the past received a certificate in SAP Material Management 

My main focus is on Logistics and Supply Chain related processes in Manufacturing and Consumer Business industries, in Project Management, Team Lead, Architect and Functional roles. I have almost two decades of experience in SAP implementations and process / functional improvements projects and have a good working knowledge of project management tools and programs. 

I have a strong focus on, and skills, in logistical processes, including integration with LSP's, Decentralized Warehouses, Transporters and other externals parties. SAP modules expert in Extended Warehouse Management (EWM), Logistics Execution (LE), Warehouse Management (WM), Inventory Management / Purchasing (IM/MM) and integration knowledge of PP, SD, QM.

Typical projects that I have been involved in are SAP Global implementations and roll-outs; the development and business ‘buy-in’ of the conceptual design and the changing business processes, planning and executing the configuration and testing of the integrated processes in the system; training the business, support and leading international multifunctional teams to achieve this.  

Roles varied from Function Consultant, Solution Architect, Project Manager, Integration Manager, Business Consultant, Project Architect and (Lead) Functional Expert. I participated in, and led, multiple business improvement projects consisting of the definition of a business problem, development of the solution, testing and roll-out of that solution.

I have a Master of Arts in International Business and have extensive experience in working in international environments.

For further information check out my linkedin profile or send me and email. You can also check out my project experience here.